An automated home should be a welcome part of the family, and not the guest that won't leave.


We use leading technologies to create a transparently automated home experience. Lights that come on when you enter a room, but only if it's dark outside. Shades that close just before it's too sunny. Entertainment systems that don't require a handful of remotes and just the right sequence. Security integration that doesn't feel like a chore.


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Lights should come on when you enter a room, and turn off after you've left.

Palettes and color temperature should adapt to the time of day, and space usage.

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There should be no sea of remotes on the coffee table. 

Putting on the morning news while making breakfast, enjoying the game in the background, or setting up for movie night should be easy and reliable.

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For the most part, security should be transparent to people who should be in the home.

Empowering children, guests, and staff to enter and exit without knowing strings of numbers is just part of the solution.